Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Beginning...

This is my first time at an all Arts and Crafts blog. I am hoping it will help as many as possible and so feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all!

Honestly, I started crocheting way before knitting even came to mind. I learned at the age of 13 in the oddest place you could possibly think of: the Library. Yes, the library. Every saturday from 10 to 12 I sat with a group of older women who all came together to share ideas or just hang out. Well, I'm 24 now, finishing college, engaged and still just as crazy about crafting as ever. I have to admit that my college years sucked a lot out of my creativity but I hope to bring it all back.I enjoy both knitting and crocheting equally but this particular blog will be specifically for the knitters paradise. 

I think the best way to learn how to knit is by having someone who knows the ropes show you the basics. Books, even those aimed for beginners, can be frustrating to follow especially when illustrations aren't that great and/or limited. If you do go ahead and buy books try to first master the very basics beforehand.

Being if you can' t find one -on- one help from someone, I've done some research on a few books produced for those who have never picked up a single knitting needle before. I'll be posting them up along with some reviews.

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Keith said...

Hi Thumbelyna, you will find a little knitting and some woven items on both of these blogs. Regards, Keith.