Thursday, January 1, 2009

Needle sizing tip...

I had a lot of difficulty figuring out the right needle size for a ball of yarn that had lost its band label. So I started looking for ways to make it easier before actually beginning a project and having to break it up or have trouble with the needle an yarn altogether ( if the needle was too small it would puncture the yarn and if it was too large the stitches would come out really nasty). And I think I've found at least one way to do this...

  • Take the yarn and double it,
  • Thread it through the needle gauge
  • Find the one hole in which the yarn  fits right
  • Not to tight but not to loose

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The Caffeinated Crafter said...

Hey! Thanks for comment on my yarn and wheel! I posted a reply there but wanted to reply here, too, to make sure you got it.

I got the wheel from She's very nice... and her wheels are even nicer. They are greatly priced (mine at just over $200 which included an extra flyer) and great quality for a beginning wheel! I got mine in November and started spinning then. :)

Hope that helps!