Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Collection of free knitting patterns...

I've decided to continually collect and post up free knitting patterns I find over my internet surfing travels. Who knows, maybe they will be some use to someone.


Serenity (Intermediate) Alexi Throw ( Experienced)

Baby Blankets:

Baby Clothes:

Baby Poonam ( Intermediate) Baby Cardigan ( Easy) Baby Hoodie ( Intermediate)
Bunny beanie ( Intermediate) Summer Top ( Experienced) Eyelet Baby Cardigan ( Experienced)
Kanoko Pants ( Intermediate) Rudyard Baby Sweater ( Easy)


Carmella ( Intermediate) Carina (Intermediate) Chunky Cable Cardigan ( Experienced)
Linea Rossa ( Experienced) Gala (Intermediate) Luanna (Experienced) Mood ( Intermediate)
Necktie ( Intermediate) Organico ( Intermediate) Springtime in Paris ( Intermediate)
Turpan ( Intermediate) Victorian (Experienced) Wrap-around (Intermediate)

Child's Clothing:

Lee and Purse( Intermediate) Poncho (Easy) Jumper ( Easy)

Jacket's (Men's):

Cycling Aran ( Experienced)

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