Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tip of the day...

Circular knitting needles and their Use.

It may look tough to do, but it actually isn't very hard at all. In reality they are not circular, most are simply two short needles attached at the ends by a single nylon cord. These nylon cords themselves vary in length: anywhere for 6-60 inches long.

  • No ends after the completion of the very first row.
  • No turning after completing each and every row ( You are essentially going around and around and around until you reach your desired length for the piece).
  • Stockinette can be produced without having to alternate between knit and purl per row ( you can stitch either purl or knit all the time).
  • (I like circular knitting needles for the simple fact that the majority of the stitches ( and their weight) fall on the nylon cord, reducing the stress on my hands and wrists.)

  • make sure your project will fit correctly...(i.e. use shorter lengths for children's clothing and longer cords for adult clothing.)
  • markers are a must (having no edge makes it hard to take spot where to start or stop)
  • After casting on make sure stitches are not twisted on the cable.
  • Never turn back!

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